The Reel Zodiac
Episode 25

The Bonus Reel: Once Upon a Time In...Hollywood

Shawn Quinton published on

Welcome to The Bonus Reel where Amanda and Quinton are joined by two guests, Brian from Pop Culture Leftovers and Mike Winkler for a roundtable discussion of the newest Quentin Tarantino film. Since this is a bonus episode, the hosts don't worry about working in a commentary style fashion as usual and just free style the topics and discussions! Join them as they tear a part the film and hear what they had to say about the newest edition in the Tarantino Vault!




Mike's Twitter: @HustlinApples

Pop Culture Leftovers: @PCLeftovers

Amanda's Twitter: amanda_betty

Quinton's Twitter: Chadvader14

Instagram: The Reel Zodiac


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