The RhetOracle

A podcast for the extraordinarily ordinary to discover what they are capable of and overcome limiting beliefs and become the man (or woman) they were born to be.

TheRhetOracle is a brand new podcast, a movement, a dialogue to engage and support all who do not have it all figured out. This is a platform for knowledge seekers, those looking for guidance, especially men, those looking for something beyond the low or unattainable standards set by men today in the media. This is for those that do not conform, those that respect women and challenge others who do not. 
We are interviewing exceptional guests who have stepped out of the 9-5 and are achieving great success. Those with a story to tell.

Men and masculinity is in crisis. Men, especially young men are becoming more and more disconnected. I aim to really open the discussion on this.

The RhetOracle is about raising our standards, cultivating our character, learning from those who have gone before us. Learning from their failures and successes.