The Second Echelon
Episode 77

#77 Spencer Petrov!

Noah Williams published on

Spencer Petrov is the reigning U23 Cyclocross National Champion with Cannondale p/b CyclocrossWorld and a prolific road racer at the Continental level with Foundation CCB. He's also done several tours with the National Team as a Junior, raced in Belgium extensively, and has no idea what his CTL is. He's here setting up his season the right way with us in Wimberley, training for a few weeks before road racing kicks off. We talk goals, travel, concussions, off the bike training, his time with Jeremy Powers on Behind The Barriers, Worlds, racing for a paycheck, and a whole lot more... 

A special Thank You to Normatec, Whoop, RoadID, Cannondale, and Jakroo for making this episode possible! 

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