The ((((Shondeh!)))) Podcast
Episode 3

Past, present, possible futures

Medicare-for-all fetishist published on

A look back into 2017 and a look forward into 2018 with D (@democracyexpert), Josip (@working_class_0), Paul aka Pi, and Wiseguy aka Dan.

general chit chat
whiteness redux
nazis, neoliberals, people who play monopoly too zealously
Centrism falls
Israel, BDS, apartheid
Will Israel have a South Africa moment in 2018?
more dumb shit that happened and will continue to happen
final thoughts



Guardian: “The year in Nazi propaganda: images of white supremacy in Trump's America”

EI: “What were the top BDS victories of 2017?”

No more mushy middle: 2018 will be the end of centrist politics—

Leading artists stand with Lorde

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