The ((((Shondeh!)))) Podcast
Episode 6

RIP Scott Beigel

uphold Ilhan Omar thought published on

Parkland, Quinn Norton and nazi-coddling, "harvest" boxes, and everything in between. Articles:  To longtime friend, school shooter Nikolas Cruz was lonely, volatile, ostracized— Parkland teacher Scott Beigel died saving students. He was always a hero, family said— Jeb Lund: There are too many mass shootings to remember them all. We can only fear the next one— The Saga of Quinn Norton’s 7-Hour Times Career, Explained— The Two Twitter Threads You Must Read About Trump's "Food Boxes For Poor People" Proposal— To (All) the Colleges That Rejected Me— A Cherokee Tribe's Basic Income Success Story—


The ((((Shondeh!)))) Podcast - RIP Scott Beigel
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