The Smoking Tire
Episode 185

Building a f*ck yurt.

Chris Hayes published on

This week Matt, Bill and I talk Audis, Evos, Mustangs and one-takes. In addition we cover a supercharged Civic Si, building a yurt for Burning Man, the GT350 launch, and discuss open vs closed cockpit cars in the wake of Justin Wilson's untimely death.

The Smoking Tire - Building a f*ck yurt.
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  • Bradley Haywood

    Never thought I'd hear MAHLE Powertrain mentioned by auto journalists, we usually get forgotten post-Cosworth rename!

  • max mays

    Biggest fight against closed cockpit in F1 and Indycar (even NHRA Top fuel, which few people use closed canopies) is fire safety. Single-seat race cars have the tightest cockpit space which by itself makes it hard to get in and out. Second to that is visual acquisitioning, which would make driving a bit awkward for the drivers.

    On another note, Audi offers brake calipers covers (fo-calipers) for some of their low-end single piston calipers!!! What a joke! I seeint' it!

    Lastly, how can us local Californians make a petition to make a Angeles Forrest Hill Climb!!!