The Strange Podcast
Episode 37

Alex Jones Vs. The Boogie Man... Who Will Start The New Civil War?

The Strange Podcast published on

This week on The Strange Podcast we talk about

1) funeral home leaves dead body in extra room

2) Man claims neighbor is beaming microwaves into his brain

3) Man selling six year old McDonalds food

4) Alex Jones warns of second civil war

5) Cop accuses restaurant of putting dirt on his burger

6) Man gets shot testing bullet proof charms.

7) woman warned not to put wasp nest in their vaginas

Main Topic:  (24:45)

We talk about the evil monster we all know and love... The Boogie Man.  We have stories scary paranormal Boogie man encounters and the history of Albert Fish a real life Boogie man that terrorized children in the 1900's.

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