The Strange Podcast
Episode 29

Is that A Monster Under Your Bed Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

The Strange Podcast published on

This week on The Strange Podcast we talk about

1)  Man uses shotgun to shut off fire alarm

2) Raccoon delays plane for 7 hours

3)  Woman dries underwear on airplane air vent 

4)  Woman accidently tips over 7000 dollars

5)  Superintendent poops on rival school field 

6)  Man tries to take sulfide with bear... bear didn't like his filter.

7) Couple have happy wedding that ends in battle royal

8)  Man kidnaps dolphin

9) Man robs bank twice gets caught both times.

Main topic:  Things that go bump in the night  (28:45)

We tell stories of monsters under the bed and things that hide in your house waiting to get you.

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