Episode 26

g(O)dd Couple: Step-Parenting, Depression & Prayer

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Welcome to the second couple's episode! In this episode Thomas and Angy tackle new topics having to do with marriage. All three of these topics are pretty serious and can easily be a point of tension in any marriage, but Thomas and Angy address them with a gentle wisdom that makes each issue approachable.

And again, while Thomas and Angy are not experts in marriage, or any of these issues, they do have 16 years of wedded bliss. That 16 years has allowed them to live through and discover healthy ways of viewing and dealing with each of these issues.


At 19 years old, Thomas had became a husband and father in the same instance. When he said "I do" to Angy, he was also saying it to two small children. Although Thomas and Angy had talked broadly about parenting well in their newly blended family, they never really talked about what that meant. One of Thomas' main struggles was not understanding his responsibility for his new children and what that meant as they grew into adults.


This is a really sensitive topic and Angy gets deeply personal in sharing her struggle with anxiety and depression.The stigma attached to depression, especially within Christianity, can make it difficult to acknowledge and easy to dismiss. But we cannot. Thomas and Angy provide some great ideas for how to approach the issue. And as always, make sure you seek professional help.


Every healthy couple has to pray together, twice a day, every day, right? Not according to Thomas and Angy. In fact, their best advice is just make sure you are praying and make sure that you talk about what works for you as a couple.

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