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Episode 161

Episode 143 - Cuphead, Zelda Oracle of Seasons, & Nintendo Labo VR!

Nbz published on

Hey everyone! We're finally back after Bally's trip to Japan and BOY do we have a lot of video games to talk about. We kick things off with Cuphead, which came out on Switch recently and accompanied Bally on his trip to Japan. He waxes lyrical about this captivatingly difficult action platformer. Then we hop over to Nbz to discuss Katana Zero, another recent Switch Indie that you should all be paying attention to. Bally then wraps up a game that has been in his backlog for a while with Fire Emblem Fates: Conquest, perhaps the hardest Fire Emblem game he's played. Nbz finally ticks another Zelda game off his list with Oracle of Seasons and also chats about his first experience with Nintendo Labo and the VR kit that came out for it! After the break we discuss some of your e-mails including Indie RPG and Zelda-like recommendations as well as which Smash Bros character would come out on top if they were to legitimately fight to the death.

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