Three B's in a Pod

Episode 2

3BP 2 - #HolisticHeroin, Christmas Creep and Ficheranoia™

Three Bs In A Pod published on

The B's are back by popular demand (well, and the initial promise that this podcast would be weekly-ish)! We discuss how "holistic health professionals" are full of gluten-free bologna, and how Christmas merchandise is available earlier and earlier each year. Ben shares his story about a "Jew-ish" deli that sold pork products, Brandon goes off on some wacky conspiracy theories, and Brian's inner grandma's boy is on full display as he assigns Brandon to a swear jar while spending a fair amount of time in the kitchen with a SPAM casserole despite having just learned that processed meats can apparently cause cancer! And then it just gets weird...

Three B's in a Pod - 3BP 2 - #HolisticHeroin, Christmas Creep and Ficheranoia™
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