What's the Haps?!?

Episode 5

Superfight Sam! (with Sam Wolf)

Ross Carter published on

IT'S A FIGHT TO THE DEATH!!! Join Ross, JD, and Kris as they welcome Superfight Sam to play a few rounds of Superfight! The guys get into some zany scenarios as they argue who would win in a fight to the death!!

This week's What's the Hops reviews Ranger Creek's Red Headed Stranger.

NOTE: We had a Mac Meltdown! This episode was hastily edited on a different computer, hence the different music. Intro music is still "Just What I Needed" by The Cars. 

ANOTHER NOTE: This one is EXTREMELY NSFW. Lot's of explicit content. If you're one of our moms, you might wanna skip this one.




What's the Haps?!? - Superfight Sam! (with Sam Wolf)
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