Greetings, and welcome to K.E.M Studios' list of entertaining radio shows for your enjoyment. Do you like superheroes and comic books? check out The Superhero action Hour with Captain Kennedy as he fights villains and give you the news you wanna know about in the world of heroes and villains! Do you love all things horror? Check out Dr. Ravencroft's Hollywood of Horrors with the diabolical Dr. Ravencroft and his evil side partner Shmee-gor as they take you on a journey through terror and torment and sometimes sadness. Do you love news, comedy, films, starwars and more? check out The Special Edition with Buckaroo Brendan as he gives you the news you wanna hear to make your day. Do you love radio plays? check out Radio Theatre Presents...And Be sure to check out my new shows Story Time with the zany moose Mr. Kennedy and The Traveler in The Science Fiction Traveler go with him on his adventures and Metal Dad returns with the Pantheon! Yes all new with album reviews and interviews.... Welcome to the excitement and the madness that is K.E.M Studios! New episodes monthly and check out my webstore for great merchandise at https://www.facebook.com/kemstudiosentertainment/... There's something for everyone. Check out my older catalogue Barclay Square Rap and The Power Hour.

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