Roll Mongers Actual Play Podcasts Is proud to present Several D20 R.P.G. Actual Play Podcasts!

Including: "We SHOT FIRST!" The Star Wars Saga ed. Actual Play for "Dawn of Defiance" Campign from Wizards of the Coast set 3 months after order 66!

 : "Clinton's Core Classics: Rise Of The Rune Lords Annavesary ed. Adventure Path For the Pathfinder Actual Play for the d20 rpg sytem

 : "Attack Of Opportunity" A Behind the scenes look at Roll Mongers & Music,Podcasters & Content Creators that we Inlist in our various projects.

:DICE, Before Dishonor Featuring an all cavalier Party in Pathfinders rpg War For The Crown

  : Also Much More int he works including a Pathfinder Mythic rules Game for Alignment: Undetermined, Pathfinders Mummys Mask Adventure Path and More!