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  • From: Tech Director Chat - Fellowship of the Gmail
    Crazy. At a time when keyboarding skills is a useful skill in a MAJORITY of jobs because of the use of computers is expected in a MAJORITY of jobs. Why in world would it be not important now? Dragon Speaking is a useful tool if your a in a quiet closed office. Many people using the computers are not in a closed quiet office; we are becoming more mobile...we are out and about, airports, business meetings, restaurants. Using a stylus is coming .... ....along. I do not see anything replacing the efficiency of inputting data with a keyboard anytime soon. Schools have been and are making a mistake lessening the importance of keyboarding. Duh...lets give all the students laptops, Chromebooks and do away with keyboarding? Students, Faculty, Employees, have much more confidence when they sit down with a computer if they have decent keyboarding skills.

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