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  • From: Destiny Reset - Destiny Reset Episode 31 - How We Stay Engaged
    Hey Pocket! Thanks for the comments! We appreciate it. We gave you a shout out on a recent episode. Hope you heard it. Take care and chat again soon!
  • From: Destiny Reset - Destiny Reset Episode 29 - Let's Talk Loadouts
    Thanks! Haha! We actually found this out via Twitter after the show posted. Appreciate you sharing this with us. Take care and thanks for listening!
  • From: Destiny Reset - Destiny Reset Episode 24 - Let The Races Begin
    Hey Jean! Thanks so much for the kind words and taking the time to send us some ideas. This is a very interesting concept you have thought of here. Where as "orbit" is a matchmaking meeting are for everyone, we do spend a lot of time there. Navigating certain content may have to be mapped out, but it is very possible. Great info and something we'll have to continue to think about. Keep sending ideas our way and thanks so much for being a part of the DRP Fam! Take care!

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