Expat Coach, Lisa May travels the world researching the best places for those wishing to live abroad. She left the States in 2014 as a virtual secretary to work from the beaches of Belize. Her 14-country nomad experience upgraded her lifestyle in health, home and social culture, which compelled her to create Expat Real, the info hub where individuals learn how to plan a life abroad. She’s helped others find the courage to break away from the rat race and plan new lives abroad that nourish their mind, body and spirit. Expat Real produces Expat Real radio podcast on iTunes and Anchor, conducts video interviews with local expat guides, expats and immigration professionals, writes informational articles and posts tutorials on how to obtain the domestic necessities of life in a foreign country.

Her new book, Lisa’s Visas: A U.S. Guide to Traveling Abroad, has won the attention of many as her advice has been featured in several media outlets such as London Real, Business Insider Finance, and FIRST Women. Her hard-won expat experience has alleviated individuals some of the mystery of living abroad by providing them with a customized plan to upgrade their lifestyles in affordable areas around the world. Now Lisa May runs Expat Real from Portugal where the produce is organic and the sun shines up to 14 hours per day. 

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