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  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - Ping-Wings
    i miss the simple blue with yellows letters from jersey, sickest plates are the black ones with white letters from delware.... and the whole open market sale thing is cool
  • From: Hooniverse - What's your DRIVETRIBE?!
    real reason for no desmo valves on cars, (though the additional moving parts is a good one) is that desmo valves are mainly good for high rpm operation which isn't necessary in cars really...... having to due shim and bucket valve adjustments on anything more than 2 cylinders could be a good reason too.
  • From: The DFL Show - How Do Time Zones Work?
    Yes, turbo charged snowmobiles are a thing (both stock and modified) and they sound incredible.... also you can turbo charge a 2 stroke but its not as effective as it is on a 4 stroke
  • From: The DFL Show - Huge In Asia
    That reverb tho...... no bueno.
  • From: False Neutral - She's a Grand Ol' Flag
    the Rokon ranger is street legal!! .... everywhere but california
  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - Time Out For Configurator Fun
    Is it just me or does almost everyone of your episode it somehow repeats itself at some point while I'm not paying attention? I definitely heard the thing about top gear and car shows that aren't good that we all still watch for the info twice.
  • From: False Neutral - Gettin' Dirty
    the type of race you are talking about around 14:00 is called enduro cross and yea its super ridiculous
  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - What Kinda Sauce You Using
    SAFETY IS #5" newest cammed and tubbed t-shirt
  • From: Hooniverse - See Section
    They say VT is enforcing the left lane being a passing lane, but living here i know that they clearly are not. I passed on the right this morning right in front of a state trooper at the speed limit of 55 friggin MPH
  • From: Hooniverse - Android Cars and Electric Sheep
    I am offended by who ever that is saying the old ones are not driven by car guys. the original NSX is utterly amazing and every person I've met with one loves it and drives it more than any of there other non-dailys. they "just want something pwetty"? what a ridiculous statement
  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - Twelve Cars with Rob Siegel
    Plastidip does legitimately conserve the finish of whatever is underneath it because of its flexibility, as long as it is on thick enough to actually be removed in a sheet like it is intended. i have actually gotten "Chips" (they are more like rips) from high way speed rocks and even tho the paint underneath was exposed afterwards it was completely chip free.
  • From: Hooniverse - Simpsons Did It! w/guests Andrew Collins and Freddy "Tavarish" Hernandez
    UTAH BEER LAWS: 3.2% alcohol is the limit for canned beers NOT sold in liquor stores. but there is a .8% tolerance so most of the craft breweries sell 4.0% beers in grocery stores and gas stations in liquor stores you can get full test beer but it is bought by the bottle so it's very expensive. full test beer is available on tap.
  • From: The Cammed and Tubbed Podcast - Rants With A Capital R
    why dio so many of these podcasts repeat and play half or more of the audio twice?
  • From: False Neutral - Custom Bikes
    lovin the podcast guys, so keep up the good work. just wanted to weigh in on the relatively normal bike that i wouldn't change a thing on, for me its a 748 ducati, if it didn't have factory a Ohlins Fork and rear shock i would upgrade to that but that was an option so i'll consider that unchaged.
  • From: The Smoking Tire - Doppelgängers
    Where can i find all the videos you guys talk about in the podcast cuz it kills me hearing all of these funny things and never getting see any of them. if you guys posted links somewhere i would be very happy
  • From: The Smoking Tire - It's Log! (not from Blammo)
    you can't drag a log down a dirt road. you'll completely destroy the road. and up here in VT they don't exactly fix them often.... you WILL piss someone off

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