If anyone got jealous during the course of the week, it was Neil. That first weekend had been amazing; the three of them acting like newlyweds on their honeymoon. None of them bothered to get dressed until sometime on Sunday and that was only so they could go out and have breakfast together. As soon as they got home, they were naked and back in bed... or wherever else two or more of them decided to have sex.

There were even a few times where it was just one, as Neil caught both Tina and Ann masturbating at various times with a dildo or a vibrator somewhere in the house when the mood and desire would hit them. It was such an oversexed weekend that he felt a bit of relief that he had to go back to work on Monday morning. That is until he returned home that afternoon .

That's when the jealousy kicked in. Or at the very least he was envious. Not only because his two wives didn't have to be anywhere, having both taken time off of work; they also didn't have to worry about how many times they came or if they might be able to go again. They seemed to have an endless amount of orgasms at their disposal, while he didn't.


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