Award Winning Hypnotherapist Mindfulness and NLP Life Coach, recognized as the Top Hypnotherapist/Life Coach in the Washington DC area. with a degree in Psychology, and  certifications and study in a variety of helping modalities, including engergy healing, art therapy, hypnosis specialties in past life regression, PTSD, Performance Motivation, Heart Math Institute Facilitator and more.

I study and teach the metaphysical, and esoteric sciences. I have taken workshops in psychic development, Controlled Remote Viewing and Dowsing. I am a member of the Theopsophical Society with a Diploma in Theosophy.. Transformation TV Teacher.

I know that there are both pragmatic and mystical answers to the questions we ask in this life. I encourage openess to every path toward inner knowledge and personal happiness. I hope to raise awareness that there are things that we may not understand how or why they work, but that we should acknoledge that they do work, are true, and by accepting that truth we can use them to enrich our lives!


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