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  • From: Garnett on Games - Lightning Returned
    Hey there Garnett I've rang into the show in the past but didn't wanna take up the airwaves with this one! Some interesting thoughts as to the future of the Wii U in this episode. I'm yet to jump into the next-gen console cycle preferring to mainly gaim on my PC I;m still considering as your listener mentioned though using a Wii U as a side system top play those few nintendo titles, wel one title really and that's Metroid! But there still doesn't seem to be any word on another Metroid game. I'm afraid now that Nintendo as simply backed out of the competition with both Sony and Microsoft, they no longer see the need to have AAA first person shooter to please the harcore market, perfering to markley their games to word families, Do you think the future is doomed for Metroid? Loving the show! It's quickly becoming one of my favourite podcasts of the week! So keep up the good work, cheers man! Ben Monro

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