• gospel of luke - Our Savior Sermons
    • Repent or Perish 1 month, 3 weeks ago

      Based on Luke 13:1-9, What does Repent mean? Why is it important?

    • Calling of Peter 3 months ago

      Based on Luke 5:1-11, what does the calling of Peter mean for us today?

    • Blessing and Woe 3 months ago

      Based on Luke 6:17-26, how are we blessed in Christ? Do we seek worldly or heavenly blessings?

    • The One 5 months ago

      Based on Luke 7:18-35, who was John the Baptist and who did he proclaim?

    • Based on Luke 1:26-38. What does being Mary's Son mean for us and our relationship with Christ? How does Christ ...

    • Based on Luke 1:39-45, why does John leap while still within his mother's womb? What does that tell us about ...

    • Bear Fruit! 5 months, 1 week ago

      Based on Luke 3:1-20, how do we hear the message of the Baptist today? Do we need to bear fruit?

    • Based on Luke 1:5-25, what child is the hope of Zechariah and of us? What can Zechariah teach us about ...

    • Blessed Is the King 5 months, 2 weeks ago

      Based on Luke 19:28-40, what does our Lord's entry into Jerusalem have to do with Advent? What can it tell ...

    • Gone Away 1 year ago

      Based on Luke 24:44-53, Jesus has gone away. He is no longer upon this physical plane. How is this a ...