• sebastian vettel - Drivers Only
    • Joe and David discuss the drama between Sebastian Vettel and Lewis Hamilton.

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      Joe and David discuss Gordon Murray's new creation.

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      Joe, David, and Lee have plenty to discuss about Formula One, Toyota's mini Nurburgring, the Hakone 86, the new S4 ...

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      Lee joins David and Joe and tries to convince Joe to buy a simualtion racing rig.

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      David and Joe discuss the latest German Grand Prix in Formula 1, the 86 TRD, and the Aventador SVJ setting ...

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      Joe and David start a podcast... Drake finishes it.

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      Joe and David discuss the Miata, the Cayman, F1, and the 12 Hours of Sebring.

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      Joe and David discuss a very eventful Formula 1 weekend

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      This week on DFL, Eric, Brad, Joel, and Pat sit around the mics to discuss the goings on of last ...

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