1985FM Gaming Podcast
Episode 83

Fanboys of Duty: Advanced Trollfare

Randy Logudice published on


Whether you call it Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, or House of CoDs, 1985FM is actually excited about the new game in a the franchise that continues to break records. Could this futuristic injection be just what the series needs to bring back appeal, lost from continuous, uninspired, annual releases? 

Also on the show, the ESA has released their 2013 demographics, and the most surprisingly revelation is the age of the average gamer. Do consoles have a long lasting future, as the key demographic continues to get older?

The staff also discusses Dark Souls 2, Hearthstone, Child of Light, Zenimax's claims against John Carmack and Oculus VR, and Nintendo opting out of another E3 stage show. 

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