2001 The Podcast

3000 Miles to Graceland

2001 The Podcast published on

QuarantineCast! - strong poster game - stacked castCast - Demian Lichtenstein resumeCast -  this movie has a little bit of everything - CGI scorpions are hot - Oceans 11 appreciation - versions of Vegas - elevator pitching - is The King dead? - CinematographyCast - CarCast - unsexy sex scenes -  we dissect the many, many plot points - For the Love of the Game & Waterworld appreciation - splitting up your heist take - a Snickers upon the pillow - we attempt to follow the money - Jon Lovitz resumeCast - how not to make your car disappear - The Christmas Chronicles talk - everybody’s got a band - Ice T resumeCast - who’s afraid of scorpions? - Gunkata, baby - stealing Boondocks Saints moves - Domino appreciation - Kevin Costner killing everyone he meets - soundtrackcast - we cast the remake - we still love a good chubby kid - Uncut Gems appreciation - David Franco resumeCast - Short Term 12, retroactive prestige flick - to accent or not to accent - Valkyrie: crossing the language barrier - Mary McLeod appreciation - Elvis meets NuMetal - where do you get a scorpion? how do you train one? - how the hell do you sail? - resumeCast for the rest of the gang


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