2001 The Podcast

A Beautiful Mind and Now That's What I Call Christmas!

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Elizabeth DeFazio - Marriage and Family Therapist - early film education - trying to watch tv while having kids - the days of appointment television - Will: All-Star - cheap-ass Spotify - better the second time - Roger Deakins appreciation - lighting the ladies first - college fashion show - HumboldtCast - driving all over CA - longest Imagine logo of all time - Kiss Kiss Bang Bang or Kiss Kiss Bang Bang? - Hex talk - Baseball MovieCast - funny business - loving those heavy handed moments - existing for exposition - sometimes you just gotta enjoy - the “hollywood elite” - “You miss all the shots you don’t take.” - Wayne Gretzky - Michael Scott - this podcast - the great fedoras of our time - toggle switch talk - Michael Caine and Jennifer Connelly: real -  Manic Brunette Dream Girl - Bryce Dallas Howard sighting - Diff FluidCast - stay on your meds everyone - Angelina Jolie telling us about ourselves - James Horner resumeCast - Christmas Music talk - How to tell if you're actually famous - Youtube Kids, unfortunately - attempting to redefine classic rock - talking synthwave - The Kids are Xanned out - no phone zone

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