2001 The Podcast
Episode 32

A.I. Artificial Intelligence and Satellite by P.O.D.

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Richard Duryea - Filmmaker - A.I., *not* AL - Checking in with Tobin McGrobin - Is Gene Hackman nice?  (Still not worried about him) - A Knight’s Tale, starring Martin Lawrence - Teddy is the real MVP - our mixed takes on 1941 - KubrickCast, Yorgos Lanthimos talk - Isaac Asimov talk, I, RobotCast - Box Office talk, Gone with the Wind still the champ - Janusz Kaminski, DP talk - Haley Joel Osment destroying the child actor game - Faces Coming ApartCast, Lord of the Rings talk - melee war and combat strategies - surviving the apocalypse is easy if you’re rich - John Williams appreciation - Reborn Babies (yikes), diving straight into the uncanny valley - how much do Mecha children weigh? - gaming the second-hand Watch market - Future CarCast, taking the Amphibicopter to at least the Stratosphere - Flat Earthers get at us - Francis O’Connor appreciation - RC Car Cast, talking batteries - Ted and Teddy extended cinematic universe (TCU) - Boston Dynamics, stop kicking your robots - Martin: future school shooter, Handwriting talk - trying to steal manual cars - Star Wars Cast, bleep bloop lights, toggles appreciation, Bypassing the Compressor - Fast and FuriousCast, the return of the Dirigible - ultraviolence is ok if it’s afflicted upon robots - who could have predicted mumblerap? - explaining to our grandkids that Battlebots wasn’t problematic - Baby Vincent Chase, erotic dance bar talk - Running Man throwback, Demolition DerbyCast - the shaky rules of movie betting scenes - Medieval TimesCast, Brendan Gleeson talk - we decipher the rules of Mecha Prostitution - Spielberg and Michael Bay palin’ around - A.I./Transformers/Indiana Jones extended universe - more Haley Joel Osment appreciation - Talking about that ending, The Kubrick Extended Universe - A.I. is a masterpiece, @ us or don’t, Bartificial Intelligence - P.O.D. Satellite talk - sneaking through the Christian filter - Impulse Control, the band - no chain wallets at Universal Studios, buddy - Universal Studios Hollywood Lost and Found Division appreciation - Paramount Great AmericaCast, Theme Park talk general - Addison Goss: DJ Demonic, Race 3Cast - getting our Nu Metal Booms mixed up - P.O.D. music video breakdowns, table tennis talk - Weird AlCast, don’t pee on his Walk of Fame star - crushing your big crane shot dreams 

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