2001 The Podcast
Episode 8

Amélie and Lateralus by Tool

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Chris Vaughn - SLO, bro - Cinematography Oscar talk - Audrey TatouCast - the birth of the Manic Pixie Dream girl? - Meet the Spartans talk - bad date movies - Magnolia talk, we earn our ‘Explicit’ tag for this episode, Scorcese talk - Amelie talk eventually - Chris classes up the joint with some legit observations - TURN OFF THE FRAME SMOOTHING ON YOUR TV - TV and video settings Mega Tangent - Low stakes storytelling - Better Call Saul, Sharp Objects - Indian style OUT, Criss Cross Applesauce IN - the value of being a family guy - We Are Not Afraid of Tangents™- Spike LeeCast - Left eyed DPtalk - Tool is one of Chris’s guys, Tooltalk - Scott Sanborn, everyone’s friend, and the super secret Youtube cover project - Creed got some riffs, don’t @ us - Richard is a cranky photography snob - Schism is badass - how the music industry bones you, one way or another - D*spacito - Spotify also hoses you - Chris absolutely brings it, all episode long - the Dark Universe talk that you came here for - JNCO revival?

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