2001 The Podcast
Episode 45

American Pie 2 and Take Off Your Pants and Jacket by Blink-182

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Dave Anderson - Teacher - how to know if you’re in Movie Spain - American Pie: not subtle - did 9/11 kill the sex romp? - hitting the ground punk rocking, soundtrack talk - luxury dorm room, cramped bed - Eugene Levy returns, learning to love Jim’s Dad - Jim: sex addict -  American Pie 2 is less problematic than expected - Varsity Blues is darker than expected - Stifler:  sexual harasser, maniac, pansexual - this whole cast seems like a terrible hang - Jason Biggs bedroom: black leather couch of the 2001 generation - Mark IrwinCast, ensemble blocking talk, JB Rogers talk - The American Pie cinematic universe, Stifler’s brother: future doctor - we promise not to OfficeCast but it’s an OfficeCast - John Cho appreciation, McG talk - OJ Simpson, making us all feel kinda weird - talking lakes, testing out beds, 2001 fashionCast - contagious uptalk, vocal fry, nice dads everywhere - the ol’ lube/superglue mixup - the art of soundalikes, The American Pie monkey - RIP IMDB message boards, remembering 3 Doors Down - CarCast, shouts out to our British listeners - Chris Kline in real life - talking the Chul-Li movie, Crave 2 the Grave - American Pie spoiling young boys minds - Blink 182 - Enema of the State talk - music video talk, Image Shaker talk - remembering the Jackass era, local TV talk - faking the Fugazi, Parental advisory - the consumer golden age is now, and that’s about it - mixed appreciation for the self titled one - shouts out to Blink 182’s wikipedia editors - shit talking Michael Bay in front of Michael Bay - Malloys appreciation - Rock Show and First Date: label mandated hits - high school kids love the Office, especially Billie Eilish - worrying about Tom DeLonge, you could be in Blink 182 too - Scott Stapp: still rocking - stop taking your goddamn kids to R movies


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