2001 The Podcast
Episode 62

Baby Boy

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Adam Bonsib - Film and Commercial Editor - Ving Rhames, don’t hurt us - John Singleton talk & resumeCast - yet another American Gods plug - Tupac the actor - Tyrese, stunning man of multiple talents - the bicycle kid crew - giving each other the Joe Pesci treatment - stop showing off in your Venmo comments - Ving Rhames appreciation - tracking down Lemonheads - funeral fashion talk - model carCast - coming around to the Baby Boy - evil step parents - Snoop Dogg talk - true life stories from the mean streets - gentrifying the crime away - garden envy - timing your tomatoes - Malcolm and Freaks talk - Ving Rhames, the biggest of dick energy - smell it - Ready 2 Rumble talk  - getting ready to win big/crumble/bundle - Bruce Buffer getting paid - talking filters - everyone in the movies all waving their guns around - Lost in Translation cinematography appreciation 

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