2001 The Podcast
Episode 12

Behind Enemy Lines and Weathered by Creed

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Scott Sanborn - Camera Operator - Sinking the podcast in the first 3 seconds with a bad Owen Wilson impression - Behind Enemy Lines first times - Pre 9/11 America - Donald PetrieCast - Owen Wilson selected filmography talk, nose conspiracy theories - Jon VoightCast - no color allowed in Eastern Europe - we would all do a dumb comedy to buy a Tesla - Johnny DeppCast - Cloud Computing killed all our computer Macguffins - Nico from GTA, dual wielding hand guns - remember rated R movies? - Pleasantville is surprisingly NSFW - movies have stolen ski and hockey masks - deep Creedtalk, the good stuff you came here for - Creed albums showing up in your CD book all by themselves - Deconstructing the avalanche of symbolism in Creed music videos - we work the WWF/WWE into another episode - Scott Stapp, are you ok?  shoot us an email - Richard’s The Chronicles of Narina soapbox - bands sneaking in just enough Christianity - Dude everyone got a Dell, CompUSA, old school computer talk - Me, You and the Scoo talk - Richard’s Nickleback soapbox - Creed: skip the music, watch the videos

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