2001 The Podcast
Episode 42

Black Hawk Down

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Bill DeFazio - Will's Uncle, (Past, Present, Future Guest) Emily DeFazio's Dad and Physician assistant - following the Uncle rules - American accents everywhere - Great British Bake-Off appreciation - BaseballCast starts early - Giants - San Francisco Giants - 90s baseball - Johnny StrongCast - Slawomir IdziakCast, crazy Ridley Scott visuals - War kinda sucks, Stefan Sonnenfield talk - contextualizing war movies - Gulf War movies made after 9/11 - Oakleys spoiling the period piece - back to back SunglassCast and WatchCast - getting sweaty, chewing gum - another BaseballCast, Jeremy Piven strikes again - Eric Bana, no shits given, Sam Shepard appreciation - Call of Duty, we are pro-hyrdation, pro safety gear, stretching - filmmakers: fancy carnies, grown adults playing with cardboard - Derek CianfranceCast, climbing that rope in the gym - we try to understand score choices - The Counselor Talk, cheetah care - the worst movie you’ve ever seen is a masterpiece - deep cuts from Songs in the Key of Springfield - emergency surgery fact checking, PA’s vs PA’s - get me some Club Masters, put it on the black card - calling it a night, Indiana JonesCast - Accent talk, Kevin Costner talk - do not try tracheotomies at home, AnacondaCast - Jordan Peele & Shyamalan talk, remembering Bruce Willis - Tom Sizemore talk, running sucks - shaky recommends all around, cool contractor dudes - we vie for that Oakleys sponsorship


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