2001 The Podcast
Episode 25

Blow and Love and Theft by Bob Dylan

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Adrian Castillo - filmmaker and film school friend - what are those wacky CSUN CTVA kids up to these days? - film sound talk, please fast forward (Tentacle Sync is the jam, though, sponsor us) - Ted DemmeCast, Ellen KurasCast - bad movie moms - explaining to our kids someday how much of a crime weed used to be - baby Emma Roberts, Penelope CruzCast - Bohemian RhapsodyCast - amazing plot breakdown by Adrian - Government shutdown woes, LAX in the current year is a nightmare - Cliff Curtis cast, Pablo Escobar was a pretty scary dude - appreciating a good rhetorical question - the brief run of turtlenecks in the early 2000’s - BallersCast, celebrities and athletes trying to act -AquamanCast - watch American Vandal, Razzie talk - Bob Dylan Love and Theft talk - stop it Canon with your camera naming conventions - analogue baby! - Sound City talk - shots fired at the very concept of millenials - Bandersnatch talk

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