2001 The Podcast

BONUS EPISODE Nintendo Gamecube Chat Special Collectors Extended Unrated Edition

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Jete Blum - Post Production - GameCube Smash Bros BonusCast - Project Dolphin, Revolution, NX - Nintendo Power talk - Metroid Prime HD Trilogy, do it Nintendo, Doug BowserCast - Reggie Fils-Aimé appreciation - the legendary WaveBird, the less than legendary MadCatz - controller tossing general - BMX XXXCast, Conker’s Bad Fur Day - it’s ok if you put googly eyes on it - Universal Studios Theme Park AdventureCast - Super Smash Bros Melee talk - Gamecube controller appreciation, remembering the Virtual Boy - Steering wheel controllers, Clip-On 3D glasses - Smash MainCast, is Kirby OP? - Sakurai, take a vacation! - Detective Pikachu talk - Illumination’s Mario movie nervousCast, Universal’s Nintendoland - New York City, One Bite Reviews - Mario KartCast, we rank ‘em! - angering the Twin Galaxies elders, King of Kong talk - Games Done QuickCast, Tony Hawk talk, to 100% or not 100%? - NCAA game licensing woes - listen, just give FIFA a shot - everyone loves soccer except the USA - Perfect Dark vs Goldeneye, Rare appreciation

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