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Guest - Teddy Franklin - Hiphop Artist - This episode was so big we couldn't fit it into one week. As promised here is the album review from our episode with guest Teddy Franklin - talking N*Sync, we get our boy band chat on - MTV Making the Band, Lou Perlman talk, Biebs on the brain - Justin Timberlake skyrocketing into super stardom, Adele talk - Billie Eilish: Office expert - Justin vs JC, FutureSex LoveSounds appreciation - JC vs Justin, JC vs everyone - JC’s Schizophrenic un-appreciation - the not so secret meaning of Cry Me a River - N Sync music video talk, Wayne IshamCast - Music video editing talk, BMXCast - CarCast, Lance Bass: spaceman -Even Joey Fatone was ballin, Lou Pearlman talk - teen girls, the ultimate demographic - Youtubers: the new boybanders, breaking down internet celebrity - The Green Goblin was right all along, the last of the megastars - the other singularity


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