2001 The Podcast
Episode 26

Dogtown and Z-Boys and Tenacious D

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Bryan Caselli - co-executive producer of the new amazon animated series Costume Quest - Lords of Dogtown talk - LongboardCast, SkateboardCast general - Seth Cohen talk, Doug Liman talk - Zephyr Skate Team of Sacramento - reluctant defense of gatekeeping - Stacy PeraltaCast - the coolest dads in the world - Wyoming isn’t that great, you guys - the infamous Sean Penn cough - saving Vans, Stacy PeraltaCast continued - SurfCast, making skate videos - Tony Hawk appreciation, safety gearcast - the immortal Keith Richards and Mick Jagger - punk rock music videos - is your movie longer than Star Wars? - back in the dark ages when we had to find songs all by ourselves - storytellingcast - Michael Bay’s Got Milk commercial - The Imposter talk - Hot take: Toy Story is a good movie - Tenacious D talk, these cats can actually rock - Dave Grohl is pretty talented - Dave MirraCast - Beardtown residents: all of us - Wonderboy video talk - Guitar centerCast - enduring the Boss Metalzone, throwing mild shade at drop D tuning - Chris Cornell appreciation

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