2001 The Podcast
Episode 52

Donnie Darko and Stillmatic by Nas

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Guest - CJ Johnson - filmmaker / influencer - talking independent film making - when a movie is so bad you have to walk away (Will didn't walk out of the theatre for Welcome To Marwen, but he did stop watching the blu-ray which is a rare occurrence)  - in defense of Beowulf, the various incarnations of Poison Ivy - trying to break into Darko Entertainment - Richard Kelly appreciation & resumeCast - Sundance throwing shade, Boxtalk - the Gyllenhall siblings magic, Patrick Swayze appreciation - NorCal kids rolling hard - Donnie Darko hits the ground weird - Font talk, interesting movie endings - Pluto TV talk, MTV Dating show memories - Jack Palance talk, soundtrack talk - IT & Stephen King talk, 4DXCast - how do you suck a fuck? - Seth Rogan not yet famous enough to be in focus - Jake Gyllenhal - already creepy - Richard Kelly, we’re still rooting for you - Drew Barrymore appreciation, Al Bundy deep cuts - Beverly Hills 24 Hour Fitness memories - witnessing your movie references slowly fade from relevance - Tony Robbins: crushing throughout multiple decades - Patrick Swayze appreciation II, the Catholic Church owns some property - wormhole science, chill out Littlefoot - movies from a little while ago about a little while ago - CarCast, evil bunnies, SexyBeast talk - another party scene with a cool tracking shot - talking Nas, breaking down the Jay Z beef - the best $5 Will ever spent, remembering MTV - Belly appreciation, don’t hurt us Fred Durst - women ‘awakened’ by Devon Sawa in Casper - music video breakdowns, cinematography talk - Chris Robinson resumeCast, Tekashi 6ix9ine talk - Petestrumentals shouts out, Sam through the window 

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