2001 The Podcast
Episode 67

Enemy At The Gates and Jane Doe by Converge

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Joey Kirby Moore - Jude Law is the shit, right at the top - Playstation memories - Goldeneye vs Perfect Dark - getting our geography in order - Behind Enemy Lines talk - Jean-Jacques Annaud resumeCast - Brad Pitt in his Charlie Hunnam era - Robert Pattinson & Jude Law appreciation - Shoot ‘em UpCast - Poster talk, not enough heads - Blue and Orange, not blue and teal, whoops - Medal of Honor talk - Rachel Weisz and Jude Law, a buncha lookers - practical effects appreciation - Russian history lessons - looks like war sucks - Ed Harris, villain extraordinaire - Robert Fraisse resumeCast - Call of Duty free advertising - RoninCast - getting shot for reals - Bob Hoskins, how about him? - watchCast -  language barriers - sniper battle appreciation - war barracks and 8th grade sleepovers, not so different - everyone significant gets a headshot - John Williams appreciation - we make the climax worse - contact sheet love - would you die for the motherland? - remembering movie theaters - what gives, LA Fitness? - talking Converge - Soulseek, shouts out - Misfits fashion - metalcore pioneers - music video talk - bands on tv - Will has an angry face - apocalypse IRL cast - a gigantic porn tangent - "Give the people what they want"

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