2001 The Podcast

Everyday by Dave Matthews Band, the 2001 World Series and Barry Bonds' Home Run Record

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Bill DeFazio - Physician's Assistant - Dave Matthews talk, pro-bootlegging - crazy time signature talk - actors doing less to do more - Dave Matthews music video breakdowns - Dave Meyers, master of the herky jerky, extremely busy guy - aspect radio talk, Jaime PresslyCast - the good ol’ days of album sales - Lance AcordCast - the wild world of music journalism - the Dave Matthews Band tourbus poop incident - we’re kinda worried about Randy Quaid - 2001 World Series super baseballCast - Aubrey Plaza, surprise baseball star - basketball 2’s and 3’s - every sport needs a normal person involved for reference - Barry BondsCast, bat talk - everyone is always cheating in their own way

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