2001 The Podcast
Episode 19

Evolution and The Spirit Room by Michelle Branch

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Connor Weinstein - music producer / frontman of Next Door To The Moon - David Duchovny, the X Files guy, DuchovnyCast, Orlando JonesCast - Mad TV talk, everyone is in this movie - Ivan ReitmanCast - Dueling We’re-Just-Gonna-Bone-And-Not-Fall-In-Love flicks - Twins 2, Michael ChapmanCast - The Dreamworks logo is wonderful - tossing out the wild theory that Spielberg and John Williams are real life pals - Armageddon paving the way for how to film something falling from space and crashing into Earth - Sean William Scott appreciation - the end of SciFi comedies? Cowboys and Aliens talk -  Californication or X Files? Or maybe Aquarius? - 2001 hairstyles in full force in Evolution - Don’s PlumCast, google ‘Pussy Posse’ at work in front of your boss - please don’t, we’re just kidding - hey Biology majors, what’s that thing called with the glass and you put the thing in it and look at the microscope and whatever, you know what, nevermind - hey firefighters, would you hire Sean William Scott? - official people getting their jurisdiction on - Duchovny’s ass/fruitbasket (now you’re listening) - they don’t sell vegetables and fruit in quantities for single people - dodgy tech speak, big gross bugtalk - shout out to the furry werewolf man - this movie needed Jeff Goldblum - Rotten Tomatoes gets 0% from us, Dude Where’s My Car?Cast - Matt MahaffeyCast - Alienators: Evolution Continues - Richard goes on about American Gods for the 100th time, brief HannibalCast - Michelle Branch talk, “Everywhere” SLAPS - Michelle Branch landing TV spots left and right - Where did all those Laguna Beach kids go? - Michelle Branch appreciation, lots of it - when pop stars ‘wear’ guitars - music video talk, Michelle Branch didn’t own sleeves yet, “movie photography” - Dave Navarro guitar-bombing your album - Avril LavingeCast, Entouraging’ - hey Fred Durst, where is The Unquestionable Truth part 2?? - The infamous ICP drop kick attempt on Fred Durst -  Watch watch, BeatlesCast, Across the Universe talk - Maroon 5’s first album was pretty good (no, really) - SantanaCast, Pop Goes Punk talk

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