2001 The Podcast
Episode 41

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within and Life's a Bitch and I'm Her Pimp by mc chris

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Devin Berko - Los Angeles based Filmmaker and Photographer - we whine about social media for 6 straight minutes - adventures in police scanning - rumbles in the mall sponsored by Twitter - waiting for the Halo movie - Buscemi vs Buscemi - Ellen Page and Ben Affleck accidentally starring in things - Tom Cruise: Captain Planet, almost - talking skin, RIP Square Pictures - Detective Pikachu appreciation - Dark Crystal anticipation, puppets rock - Batman Forever is insane - WatchCast, rating scifi movie watches - gunning for that AMC Stubs sponsorship - Brightburn appreciation - Office spoilers, David Denman talk - Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper: interesting people - somehow we talk about Hatsune Miku, eSports talk - post office life lessons, no time anymore for videogames - the last good Final Cut - talking Old Mac stuff (great!) talking new Mac stuff (ugh) - Google Stadia speculation, VFX talk - Keith David & James Woods appreciation - Equilibrium talk, Pulp Fiction clones - hey film school kids, who’s cool these days? - Pussy Posse talk - All about the story, people! - Rereleasing the original original Star Wars - MC Chris talk, searching for Dairy Queens - meeting famous people, sweet gaffing tricks - John SchwartzmanCast, Meeting Werner Herzog - CinematographyCast, Richard RiehleCast - talking film festivals, directingCast 

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