2001 The Podcast
Episode 48

Frailty and Green Album by Weezer

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Landon Sommese - filmmaker - communicating in movie references - making movies is hard, man - Jurassic Park’s stop motion storyboards - watching Batman Forever as a baby - The Marvel horizon line, Zack Snyder appreciation - the continued art of theater hopping - The BFG has the best fart joke in all of cinema - Aaron Eckhardt, let us be your agent - actual Frailty talk 15 minutes later, debating the McConaissance timeline - Terminator Salvation appreciation, Edward Furlongtalk - Brian Tyler resumeCast, discussing the ‘Jaws’ shot - Unbreakable talk, Shyamalan appreciation - McConaghuey’s True Detective audition, talking revenge films - Reign of Fire & Domino appreciation, Tony Scott talk - shithead middle school kids, Mid 90’s talk - buttholeCast, regular holeCast - The Core talk, Bill Paxton appreciation - it's harder than you think to kill someone with an axe - more Unbreakable appreciation, The Village mixed appreciation - Patrick Willems appreciation, Schumacher Batman love - Righteous Gemstones & Mindhunter talk - talking Weezer, do you celebrate your ‘birth month’ - you say hash pipe, I say ass wipe - what makes a Classic Rock song anymore? - Music video talk, famous hills - Fush You, man, TV safe versions of R movies - talking Cleanflix, This Film is Not Yet Rated, American Movie

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