2001 The Podcast
Episode 50

Freddy Got Fingered and How I Spent My Summer Vacation by Bouncing Souls

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Tiry Harrod - Tattoo Artist, Lead Singer of Disperser and Will's cousin - Freddy Got Fingered origin stories - the unlikely love life of Tom Green & Drew Barrymore - Tom Green with his bum on the world - Mark Irwin resumeCast - talking Old Sac, Big DaddyCast - Tom Green humped the way for Tim & Eric - Rip TornCast, Tom Green: actual skateboarder - Bob - LeBaron talk, Adidas talk, Horse dick cinematography - pre 9/11 hijinks, Home Movies - CarCast, Anthony Michael Hall talk - deep Freddy theories, real deer or fake deer? - watchCast, hatCast, this movie is sandwich crazy - Harland Williams & James Avery talk, soundtrack talk - is the baby birth scene the wildest we’ve covered in this podcast? - Rip Torn gets hosed down - burnt out on Apple, throwing some Tool shade - Shaq vs Sacramento - making the Tom Green Drew Barrymore connection - Bouncing Souls talk, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater talk - YurtCast, The Bouncing Souls love sports - shoeCast, The FacultyCast - what passed for a scandal in 2001 - nothing is worse than loud chewers - Portillo’sCast

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