2001 The Podcast
Episode 74

Ghosts of Mars and Prowler In The Yard by Pig Destroyer

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Paul Losada - LA based Sound Mixer - bad impressions right off the bat - JeanCast - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood talk - somehow getting confused with The Ghost and the Darkness - thirsting for Natasha Henstridge - plot breakdown - Courtney Love, almost - Jason Statham: can’t stop won’t stop - Ronald R. Reiss & Gary B. Kibbe resumeCasts - talking digital intermediate - anamorphic adventures - Ice Cube talk - talking sick heavy metal music - space politics, space fashion - Batman ’89 appreciation - space drugs - scifi flicks aren’t far enough away - Pam Grier & Jason Statham appreciation - SpyTalk - we watched trailers this year for no reason - Trent Reznor video art - the two speeds of Ice Cube - all about expectations - imagine trying to sue a movie - flashbacks inside flashbacks - Segal setting the highest of bars - Exit WoundsCast - broadcast television - how to watch Ghosts of Mars - talking Pig Destroyer - hardcore scene days - pit antics - the band merch economy - youtube is an advertisement nightmare now - metal subgenre infighting - getting spoiled at local shows - crowdbashing bashing - PuzzleCast 

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