2001 The Podcast
Episode 22

Glitter and Vespertine by Bjork

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Guest - Neil Wilson III is our film school buddy and does top secret stuff at Disney - Arnold SchwartzeneggerCast - we try to get the Disney streaming inside scoop - Netflix’s magic viral marketing - Mariah Carey appreciation - September 2001 was a rough month to release anything - BirdemicCast, Me You and the Scoo talk - A Star is BornCast, Matthew Libatique and Lady Gaga talk - period piece trickery - Bright sort-of-appreciation, sort-of-not - Geoffrey Simpson talk, Terence Blanchard tearing it up - editing that transcends space and time - Glitter Criterion Steelbox edition - Shyamalan and James Newton Howard appreciation - modern film score un-appreciation - UnbreakableCast, SplitCast - movie DJ shenanigans, the other ghosting - Max BeesleyCast - CameraCast, film sets within movies - No Hay Nada Mas reunion - small WatchCast - trying to unravel the silver streaks mystery - Max Beesley’s perfect intro - Mariah Costume Change game (you can play too) - Grant Nickalls, Michael C Hall lookalike - Terrence Howard is scary in this one - the Rider Challenge - Breath of the Wild appreciation - water temperature showdown, SodaCast - the case of the missing mom - box office breakdown - Bjork Verspertine talk - attempting to figure out what kind of music Bjork makes - the amazing swan dress - POD talk, somehow - maybe we pronounced Sigur Ros correctly, maybe not - Bjork music video talk, we butcher some director names - Coldplay appreciation - U2Cast - the South Park episode where they make fun of Bono isn’t that great, you can @ Richard about it until your final, gasping, dying breath

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