2001 The Podcast
Episode 53

Halloween Special - Soul Survivors

2001 The Podcast published on

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL- getting our Wilsons in a row, Dushku front and center - Get Over ItCast, Kirsten Dunst: we’re aware - we still hate Rotten Tomatoes - unnecessary Acton shade - slightly less unnecessary Palmdale shade - critiquing the critics - Dustin Putman shouts out - Craig Murphy resumeCast, we cast Soul Survivors 2019 - when movies are just too scary - weighing KStew hookup chances (not good) - sick opening credits talk, cigarette etiquette - making sense of incestuous friend circles - giant abandoned church goth parties - Ben Afflek sympathyCast, remembering when goths were scary - CarCast, BrandCast, ConspiracyCast - accidental Dumb & Dumber tribute - Stephen Carpenter resumeCast, Blue Streak talk - who dry swallows pills? - pondering the rated R cut, do doctors love tests? - ZombielandCast, getting old is getting old - making porn investments, soundtrack talk - who just opens the door? - soundtrack talk, Eyes Wide Shut, talking nosebleeds - Woody Harrelson fucks to a suspicious extent - BangCast, Aubrey PlazaCast - Will Smith, running talk general - plugging VUDU and Tubi TV, breaking down genres - the impossibility of remembering people’s names - when you finally need a priest, slaps that slap - Mr Thirsty going inside your mouth - Richard Kelly shouts out


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