2001 The Podcast
Episode 23

Hardball and To Record Only Water for Ten Days by John Frusciante

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Chris Spanos - ex-gambler and head of production for commercial production company - John Hawkes talk -  DJ JD Moore, the Matt Damon of 2001 the Podcast - we needed Hardball, even if we didn’t know it - true life gambling talk, what on earth is a spread? - Sports talk (lots of sports talk, strap in) - Lakers-Kings conspiracy theories, talking Baseball, Tennis, Australian Football - Brian RobbinsCast. He seems like a nice guy! - Tom RichmondCast - we love deep opening credits - the only podcast in the world that will give you sock garter talk - who has ‘zactly’s breath? - which came first: the leather blazer or the shady bad guy? - getting clothes at the old man store - this movie has real damn kids - how to transport a single slice of pizza - every college dorm had the same three posters - gentle shots fired at Boondock Saints (don’t @ us college bros) - Keanu Reeves also seems like a nice guy - BMWcast, Will’s automotive wishlist - don’t drive your own Rolls Royce - BaseballCast 2, crazy little league parents - Could Will Smith have been in the Matrix? - James Cameron almost made Jurassic Park - Diane Lane appreciation - BaseballCast 3 - Rotten Tomatoes still blows, La La LandCast - Moonlight appreciation, American Gods appreciation - John Frusciante talk, one weird trick to pronounce his name, RHCP talk - 2001 the Podcast is thumbs down on heroin - Vincent GalloCast, goddamn youtube algorithms - John Frusciante, get the hell back in the Chili Peppers, Zack de la Rocha, get back in Rage - mumble rap un-appreciation, Aquaman un-appreciation, water politics - Hockey talky

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