2001 The Podcast
Episode 79

Heartbreakers and You Don't Have To Be Blood To Be Family by Throwdown

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Darren Haskins - Writer/Actor - JLH love & deep dives - obscure JLH movie talk - scoping out the neighbors and the stars - Heartbreaks: surprise heist - MerkinCast - Mirkin(David)Cast - Jason Lee talk - Dean Semler, shooting your VHS collection - connecting Jason Statham and Ray Liotta - dodgy quality control - big cranes, big locations, big movie stars - cons in the internet age - camera lessons with Cameron Diaz - con overhead - CarCast - Ricky Jay: everywhere - Gene Hackman: come back please - RomCom TropeCast - Piper Perabo, Picabo Street, Apollo Anton Ono, and other names - Nickelodeon Kids Choice AwardsCast - hiding meat for a reason - Sharky’s shouts out - pilot season sounds horrible - an unexpectedly heavily Even Stevens-based podcast - Nora Dunn resumeCast - getting surprised by phone calls - Ray Liotta, MVP - throwing remotes - Anne Bancroft talk - better than the poster - Rotten Tomatoes with the minor surprise - Throwdown talk - Hardcore dancing - talking live shows - if you have a silhouette you’ve made it - BaseballCast - BoozeCast - throwing shade on studio fades


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