2001 The Podcast
Episode 80


2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Lucas San Juan - Producer - missing coffee shops, missing chips n salsa - Impostor, the short - Alien Love Triangle - correctly predicting the future - how young is too young for Starship Troopers? - selfies from the future - Robert Elswit resumeCast - Tony Shaloub, putting in the work - Special FX talk - Jaws sharks: where are they now? - Lovecraft Country appreciation - Mekhi Phifer ResumeCast - Jill Bearup youtube shouts out - 2001 FashionCast - the death of design - just the right amount of twists - Serenity (the recent one not the scifi show ) - let movies just be movies - when everyone wanted to be Pulp Fiction - varied takes on Equilibrium - Ad Astra & Lucy in the Sky appreciation - Tenet talk - too weird for people to handle - Luc Besson talk - Robert Rodriguez & M Night Shyamalan appreciation - talking rules and laws and stuff


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