2001 The Podcast
Episode 51

In The Bedroom and Gold by Ryan Adams

2001 The Podcast published on

Guest - Brandon Gilbrech - Television Producer - podcasting about podcasting, the never ending queue - Queer Eye appreciation, Blank Check talk - In the Bedroom: less sexy than we thought - Todd Field resumeCast, William Mapother talk - getting plot twisted, Ballers mixed appreciation - Marissa Tomei - not a bad deal - Lobster fishing tips and tricks, BaseballCast - Ed Helms shade, AccentCast, WatchCast - fashion tips for picking up college chicks - Sissy SpacekCast, GRRM in the wild, plot talk - Once Upon a Time in Hollywood appreciation and un-appreciation - IT 2 in 4DX, Car ChaseCast, CarCast general - bridge operation, The Place Beyond the Pines talk - A Beautiful Mind un-appreciation, Oscar Award winning Shrek - streaming television: not replacing movies after all - Toxicity listener complaints, breaking down System of a Down’s Chop Suey - Ryan Adams talk, we grade sexual transgressions - let Tarantino have his feet, Ryan Adams partied hard - Rambo talk, Indiana JonesCasta, we rate Mexicos - everyone loves Ryan Adams - Christine Taylor and Ben Stiller: we’re rooting for you - Rise Against mixed appreciation - this is the Rewatch, Relisten episode (I was asked to make this a show note)

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